Bring your idea to life without a developer in 48 hours.

Bring your ideas to life with my personalised video recommendation on the tools that do the heavy lifting. You really don't have to deal with the frustration of finding, managing and spending £1,000s on a developer.
Delivered in under 48 hours

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Here's how it works

1. You talk through your idea
2. Together, we’ll figure out what’s the best tool for you by asking the right questions
3. By the end of our call, you’ll have a better idea of what tools to be using

✅ Focus on getting paying customers
❌ Trying to afford or manage developers

Got an idea you want to test out but don't want it to cost too much to build?

✅ Build in a weekend not months

❌ Don't spend £10k+ to build a mobile app

✅ You won't find a faster or cheaper way to build

❌ Forcing yourself to code when it's not for you

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Hey, I'm James "Yommy" Ojo 👋

I'm a Product Manager and No Code Maker.

I help non-technical professionals to kickstart and validate their ideas without breaking the bank.

I created this service during lockdown after becoming an expert on the #100DaysofNoCode